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HR Brain Trust provides management training, coaching and workforce development for growing organizations. We are trusted advisors for companies concerned with organizational dynamics and HR compliance.

Management Training

Instill effective practices and procedures that shape your culture.

Leadership Coaching

Develop leadership effectiveness of recently promoted management.

Organizational Dynamics

Improve the dynamics, synergy, and performance of your team.

Workforce Development

Optimize employee confidence, communication, and compliance.

Will Your Workforce Benefit from Coaching & Development?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, HR Brain Trust can help!

  • Does your management team lack leadership ability?
  • Do you want your entry-level workforce to seek advancement in the company?
  • Is there a lack of synergy within your teams?
  • Is company morale within your workforce low or stagnant?
  • Are you confused by current workplace regulations and compliance requirements?
  • Has recruiting top talent been an ongoing challenge?


“Alden has been someone I can always count on when it comes to HR-related training and compliance needs. In this ever-changing world of HR and the increasingly diverse and complex issues we’re challenged with on a regular basis, Alden has been one of those people I am grateful to have in my network, providing direction to exceptional resources in a timely manner. Thank you for all you do!”


– Monica E. Taylor, Chirotouch


“I am proud to have been Alden’s first client at HR Brain Trust and to this day continue our working relationship. As the owner of a small business, I wear many hats and one of those is HR. And from an employment regulation and best practices perspective it is very complex and requires a great deal of keeping up to not just be compliant with personnel matters but be fair and proactive. She jumped in and helped be that outsourced HR dept. for my agency and not only saved me a ton of time but ensured that my firm was in fact compliant and above board with my staff. Absolutely recommend her / HR Brain Trust for this type of service.”


– Eric Doyne, Dispatch Communications


“Alden has been a HR consultant for our company for about 4 years. She is incredibly professional and personable. We are a small growing company, so dealing with the ever changing demands of California labor laws is tricky. She was able to help us avoid pitfalls and create policies that work for us and our team. Alden provides great training for groups of all sizes that are engaging and interactive. One of the most beneficial training services she provided was MBTI personality testing. The President and myself took this test to see how we could improve our communication and avoid common mistakes. She led a workshop for him and I to learn about our selves and each other. It was a great and education experience. We were able to look at areas he and I overlap that might cause blind spots in our management styles. We still refer back to things we learned in that workshop.”


– Erica Dill, True Function Dental Laboratories


“Alden is one of the most knowledgeable and positive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is definitely a “go-to” person for large, complicated endeavors. Part of this comes from her patience and logical approach to solving problems. She’s an excellent listener and is an out-of-the-box thinker with creative ideas and resourceful solutions. Beyond that, she is a dedicated HR professional who is committed to continuous learning in the field and who keeps up with all current compliance legislation. Alden is also an outstanding supervisor. She is well-versed at pulling out/highlighting employee strengths and assisting employees with overcoming challenges. She is a strong advocate for her employees and spends the time and energy needed to clear roadblocks for team success. She has an infectiously positive personality that people are drawn to and enjoy being around. I would recommend her for any position within an organization, especially those which require positive, critical thinking and problem solving. She is a strong Senior Leader who delivers results.”


– Amy Pilgrim, ASRC Federal Vistronix

Are You Ready to Discover Your Company's True Potential?

Our offerings are scalable, flexible, and competitively priced to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes and structures. Our extensive experience and proprietary systems help us to start implementing solutions quickly, taking the pain out of your administrative process and improving the effectiveness of your human capital.


When we say we are "trusted advisors", we mean it. Striking a comfortable balance between compliance and ease of doing business, we are good at cutting through the red tape and creating a process that is most efficient for YOU. Before initiating any partnership or training, we conduct a thorough interview in advance to understand your needs, and the hot buttons that need to be focused on. To find out how your business can benefit from HR Brain Trust, schedule an informative consultation with us today!